Wood-burning stoves and pellet stoves -
the flexible alternative!

Our current recommendations for 
wood-burning stoves and pellet stoves

Published annually, the Hagos Journal includes wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves, ranges, storage stoves and designer fireplaces, which we can warmly recommend. In its stove brochure Hagos presents stoves in the latest forms and colours, as well as the technical trends for greater comfort and safety.

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Wood-burning stoves are first-class generators of heat for all those looking for a fast, flexible, economical and simple fire experience in the home.

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The traditional stove at a glance:

  • Economical
  • Fast, simple installation without a lot of fuss
  • Rapid heat delivery
  • Flexible - can be taken with you when moving home
  • Water heating options

The wood-burning stove comes in countless variations

The variable, simple stove with a view of the flames and fast, cosy warmth

There are numerous models in various forms and colours, clad with different materials such as ceramic tile, natural or soap stone, with automatic temperature control and many other options. Placed on a fire-proof plate and connected to a chimney via a flue, the wood-burning stove is soon ready for operation. Its heat is emitted via the glass pane or with the warm air released into the room via air vents. Today, these small metal fireplaces are capable of generating healthy radiant heat. For example, there are wood-burning stoves that act as small traditional stoves, storing heat and releasing it slowly into the room.

Firing is now possible with wood, pellets, coal briquettes and gas. Gas stoves work in a similar way to gas fireplaces and combine the flexible advantages of the wood-burning stove with the cleanliness and fast high-tech programmability of a gas fireplace. They are particularly suited to urban environments, as there is no need to store wood. Wood-burning stoves are also available with numerous special features: from automatic controls to manage air intake, heating compartments for drinks or cooking/baking functions, the wood-burning stove can do more than just warm up the home.

How the wood-burning stove works: The heat is released to the room directly via the glass pan and/or the air vents.