Traditional Stoves & Ranges

The traditional stove is a good choice if you are looking for a cosy and constant warmth. We install traditional stoves that heat efficiently, with the result that they require very little firing.

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The traditional stove at a glance:

  • Long-lasting warmth thanks to the thermal storage mass.
  • Pleasant room climate
  • Economical fuel utilisation

The principle of the traditional stove

In contrast to the hot-air stove, the traditional stove - also commonly known as storage stove - does not release heat quickly. Instead, heat is released over the course of several hours, without the need to add more wood. In other words, heat once, not too fast initially, with cosy warmth over a longer period.

The layout of the traditional stove differs from that of the hot-air stove in one key detail, or, more accurately, material: the fire brick. This is made from a special clay with a great property. When the fire brick is heated it gradually absorbs the warmth, storing this over a longer period of time and releasing it over the course of hours.

This form of radiant heat is perceived differently to the heat of the hot-air stove, the traditional stove is like the heat of the sun, with the result that a cosy warmth is perceived even at a relatively low room temperature.
The traditional stove is typically fired once every 12 hours with 10-15 kg of logs

The traditional stove requires a long time to heat up and should be used in constant operation where possible, for continuous heating. (Source: Ortner)

Ranges and ovens

Natural cooking and heating - the tiled range

Traditionally, the fire box and gas flues of the tiled range are made from solid fire brick material. The heating gas is guided through the range to the chimney along interior, ceramic gas flues. Depending on the design of the (tiled) range, not just the hot plate but also the tiled sections and a baking oven are heated. 

For tiled ranges with continuous heating function it is also possible to heat a tiled stove in an adjoining room. With a tiled range it is not only possible to cook and bake in the traditional manner, but also to heat rooms. Optionally, the tiled range can be combined with a electrically or gas-powered cooking fixture, enabling it to be integrated perfectly into your kitchen area

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