Tiled Stoves

Tiled stoves - ceramic fireplaces with character and rapid air heating suitable for even multiple rooms

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The advantages of a tiled stove at a glance:

  • Speedy warmth
  • Possible to heat multiple rooms
  • Minimal construction work compared to traditional stoves
  • Economical stove solution
  • Adjustable heat output

The principle of the tiled stove

The warm air tiled stove - a heating source that is far from obsolete

In principle, a tiled stove functions like an electric fan heater. The cool air in the room is sucked into a hollow space, where it is heated via the heat source, typically a heating insert for wood or coal. The hot smoke is not immediately transported to the chimney, instead passing through further metal pipes inside the tiled stove, where it warms the air, which is subsequently released back into the room via air vents.

If you want to use the tiled stove to heat further rooms in the house, additional hot air channels need to be laid into the respective rooms, through which the hot air can be conducted. In the rooms the heat is released via a hot air grille with closable cover (if the room is not intended to be heated).

The radiant heat is perceived as very pleasant and the air in the room is swiftly heated via the air grille and air shafts. (Source: Leda)

The combination stove

A tiled stove with storage heat and rapid warm air

The combination stove unites the benefits of the traditional stove and the hot-air stove. The metal heating insert, which is surrounded by a hollow space, warms the surrounding air in the combination stove, which in turn is swiftly released into the room via ventilation grilles or a ventilation tile. In contrast to the hot-air tiled stove, the hot gases from the firebox are guided into the fire brick chamber via the flue pipe and stored there. The fire brick subsequently radiates a cosy warmth into the room over the course of several hours.

The rapid generation of warm air means that the combination stove is ideally suited for the transitional period. The storage characteristics mean that it is possible to use the stove for continuous heating with a high proportion of radiant heat. Adjacent rooms can be easily heated from one fire source via the hot air shafts and additional ventilation grilles. As with a tiled stove the radiant heat directly by the combination stove is perceived as very pleasant, reminiscent of the pleasing effect of the sun’s rays.

The difference to the hot-air tiled stove is the fire brick storage space, through which the hot exhaust gases pass, subsequently radiating heat over an extended period. (Source: Gutbrod)

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