3D fireplace planner

Designing and planning your fireplace

Our 3D fireplace and room planner enables you to plan your fireplace easily online.

It is often very difficult to imagine how a new fireplace can be integrated into the existing room set-up. Our 3D fireplace planner allows you to recreate your living space and try out a wide range of fireplaces and stoves digitally. This helps you to get a feel for the right stove, because everyone has their own idea about how to integrate the new stove into the living area. For us as stove builders it is also much easier if the customer already has some ideas and measurements to work with!

Designing and planning your fireplace


The advantages of the 3D fireplace planner:

  • Catalogue with variations of stoves and fireplaces
  • Free CAD software for integration into the existing space
  • Simple and detailed visualisation of fireplace and stove planning

Whether it is a corner fireplace, column stove, tiled stove or wall fireplace –

we now also offer the Palette@Home programme for your own 3D planning.

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