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Fireplaces & Gas Fires

Long-lasting warmth and a cosy fireside experience

Tiled Stoves

The epitome of comfort, whether classic or modern.

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An innovative approach to traditional heating.

Wood-burning Stoves

Simple installation and rapid warmth.

Real warmth for your home – with stoves from Ofen-Beyer

Ofen-Beyer is a specialist retailer and crafts enterprise. We bring genuine warmth and cosiness into homes and business premises.

Individually-planned stoves and fireplaces – built by experts

Our finest fireplaces and tiled stoves

Take a look at our reference and product gallery, which includes some of our most attractive fireplaces and stoves. You can draw inspiration from our reference stoves or mark your preferred options in our product catalogue and request a non-binding consultation for them.


Product Catalogue

The individual stove

As with a home, buying a new stove is often an investment for life.

The experienced stove builder has the knowledge required to combine the generation of heat with a standard fuel (e.g. wood) and the various options for releasing that warmth with the personal requirements of both the inhabitants and the dwelling. For this reason, planning and installation by experts is very important, because each tiled stove or fireplace is as individual as the person or the place in which it stands. The stove building trade and making optimal use of the materials brick, clay, ceramic, loam and metal require extensive training and years of experience.

This level of expertise and advice cannot be found at any stove sales or internet retailing organisation, but are instead only available from master craftsmen in the stove building trade. With us, expertise is combined with years of experience with modern requirements.

You can count on us.

Thomas Jürgen Beyer
Master Craftsman for Tiled Stove and Air Heating