Fireplaces & Gas Fires

Whether they are rustic, traditional or modern - the range of designs for classic enclosed fireplaces is very diverse.

However, there is one thing that all enclosed fireplaces have in common - the fireplace insert and a glass pane separating the fire from the room whilst providing a view of the flames and a cosy warmth!

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The advantages of an enclosed fireplace at a glance:

  • Visible flames
  • Wide range of design options
  • Also available as heat storage model
  • Water heating options

The principle of the enclosed fireplace

The enclosed fireplace - an attractive view of the flames with cosy warmth

The appearance of a fireplace may vary from rustic to modern and may be clad with tiles or natural stone. It looks like an open fireplace with flickering fire. However, this fire is separated from you by a glass pane. The fireplace contains a heating unit that works in the same way as that of a wood-burning stove. The hot smoke flows towards the chimney through a metal pipe, warming the air in the enclosed fireplace. This warm air is then added to the air in the room via a grille or ventilation tile. In addition, the enclosed fireplace also radiates warmth through the fitted glass pane.

Today there are not only fireplace inserts with rectangular and square glass panes, but also semi-circular ones. In addition, the more fire visibility, the better! It is therefore possible to have panes on one, two or three sides. Note: enclosed fireplaces can now also be built as heat storage versions. The underlying construction of this “storage stove” is that of an enclosed fireplace, with the additional feature of heat storage.

The enclosed fireplace heats the room quickly and intensively. This makes it ideal for relatively short, fast use. In the storage stove version the rapid radiated heat is combined with long heat storage. (Source: Camina&Schmid)

The gas fireplace - an elegant solution

Fire at the touch of a button - the clean, environmentally-friendly alternative

The gas fireplace is particularly recommendable for those looking for the atmosphere and cosiness of a real fire without the unpleasant aspects, i.e. obtaining firewood and cleaning the stove. The gas fireplace also achieves the same heating performance as its “wood-based” cousin. There is an almost endless range of models for indoor and outdoor use, in all conceivable shapes and colours. The gas fireplace is not dependant on the air in the room, making it particularly suitable for low-energy houses, as exhaust air and fresh air are controlled via a concentric pipe system. However, expert servicing is required to ensure the optimal reliability and efficiency of the system. This is recommended at yearly intervals.


How a gas fireplace works:

Gas supply begins by pressing a button on the fire. After ignition, the gas flame is initially blue. However, after a few minutes the finely-adjusted addition of oxygen results in the same, characteristic yellow colour as with a log fire. In the firebox there is a choice of either imitation logs made from fireproof ceramic, Carrara stones and ceramic twigs. Nearly all models can be operated via a remote control.

By the way, a connection to mains gas is the easiest solution, but not an essential requirement. A gas fireplace can also be fed from propane bottles.

The advantages of a gas fireplace at a glance

  • Visible flames
  • Flexible design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low operating costs
  • Available at the touch of a button
  • No ash, no soot!

Der Gaskamin mach die Feuerstätte zu einem Designerstück, verbrennt Sauber und optimal für Niedrigenergiehäuser. (Quelle: Camina&Schmid)

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